“Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Thus said Mao Tse Tung and, looking at his track record, he knew what he was talking about. If you don’t have a gun, a knife may just have to do. Are you tired of feeling powerless in the face of the growing chaos and danger that seems to be the norm these days?

Welcome to From hardened criminals to religious fanatics to escapees from the local lunatic asylum, the ranks of the predators are swelling. The fact that you are reading this, shows that you are looking for workable countermeasures, that you are tired of being seen as a victim.

Unlike combat sports such as Thai Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, in which the rules allow practitioners to test their techniques against one another, weapons systems have in many cases last been used on some medieval battlefield. It is dangerous to trust your life to a set of techniques that was last pressure-tested centuries ago.

           There are however excellent weapons systems that are fresh off some urban battlefield or other and thus tested and therefore trustworthy. Piper is one of these systems, developed by the “number gangs” in South African prisons and the street gangs in the impoverished urban areas of Cape Town.
Originally consisting of snakelike body movements, strategy and footwork that tries to do harm to the enemy whilst maximizing your chances of surviving and initially being just an assortment of individual techniques and targets, this knowledge was systematized by Nigel February of Cape Town, South Africa and handed on to a number of Master Guardians (of which I am privileged to be one) and Guardians.

Around 2007 / 2008, with Nigel’s approval, I wrote a book and produced an instructional DVD about Piper, which I sold for a year or two off a website. It sold quite well within the very limited circle of people who had heard about the system. After that I took it off the market since I considered the knowledge too dangerous and was starting to be worried that it might fall into the wrong hands.

Looking at the changes that have been happening world-wide in the last year or so, I have had a change of heart. The predators won’t buy these materials, they have their weapons, they have their murderous intent and they see you as either a resource to be used or an enemy to be injured or killed.

I believe that by investing a few hours into learning Piper (it’s a straightforward system, the criminals who developed the techniques were not looking to become martial arts masters, they were looking for the shortest distance between two points when it comes to causing harm) you are taking the first step of regaining your power to do something against such predators.

A woman using these techniques with a reasonably sturdy ball point pen, for instance, can cause havoc on a rapist’s face for long enough to escape the situation (and that should ALWAYS be the priority, it is not some “fight to the death” duel in a Hollywood movie, it is a matter of getting away and thus surviving!) Ball point pens, screwdrivers, anything with a reasonably sharp point will do, since many of the techniques are based on a ripping motion with the tip of the knife, not on slashing or stabbing. The small area through which force is transmitted means that you do not need to put your full body-weight into it and that it is irrelevant how big, strong or young you are. It also means that you do not need to carry what is obviously a weapon, because of these specific techniques a twenty dollar tactical pen is just as useful as a thousand dollar hand made combat knife and is also far easier to explain to the police afterwards.

So welcome to my website and if you leave with even one new concept or technique that might help you save your life or that of a loved one, someday, then this site has achieved its purpose. You can choose to not be a helpless victim anymore, to take this power for yourself. You do not need to be a victim! Remember, your choices determine your destiny.