Viciously Powerful And Utterly Unpredictable Improvised Weapons Techniques You Can Learn In Hours…

Stop Wasting Your Time Learning Complex Traditional Empty Hand Systems…Or Trying To Survive In The Ring Or On The Mat Against Some Steroid-Injecting “Muscle Monster” Who Loves Being Hit Before Pulverizing You…And Learn This Secret Gang Knife System That You Can Instantly Adapt To Any Pointed Everyday Object And That Will Allow You To Annihilate Anyone Who Dares To Threaten You Or Your Loved Ones!

After publishing my e-book I used to get pretty much the same questions again and again. The most frequent were something along the lines of: “Okay, I think I have the basic movements down, more or less. So now how about some advanced techniques? I want more!”

The other question would be something like this: “In this technique should my elbow be just above or just below the level of my shoulder?” Or something similar in a hundred different variations, depending on which technique they were referring to. As good as photo sequences may be in illustrating the techniques, there may be one or two small details that you cannot get from a photo sequence.

Combine this with my ongoing desire to provide normal civilians, i.e. people who are not ex Special Forces members or combat athletes, with a system that could be learned in a short time, did not depend on youth, strength or size and could be used with any pointed object you might have on you, including items such as ballpoint pens, hairbrushes or screwdrivers…

Unless you have been living on a farm somewhere light-years away from civilization, you will have to agree that the world as a whole has taken a turn for the worse in the last few years…towards chaos and criminality. Huge masses of people moving or wanting to move across national borders, cultures clashing, dictatorial governments grasping for greater control, crime and terrorism on the increase – it’s a MADHOUSE out there!

And the criminals have all the advantages…they carry weapons, they don’t care about the results of their actions or if they destroy life or the well-being of your family and, at the end of the day, many legal systems go easy on them or let them back out after just a few years, even harder and more vicious than when they were jailed.

I still remember how three officers of the BKA (the German FBI) came up to me after my first seminar in Germany, told me how interesting they had found it, but very seriously told me that I should NEVER teach this in Germany again. And how, before my third German seminar, the police had threatened to close down the seminar and “note” passport and identity numbers of people trying to attend. Governments do NOT want you to be this potentially dangerous, for some weird reason or other!

Given the ridiculous legal systems in many countries, which seem to favor the so-called rights of the criminals, any fight that you might get into is by definition a sequence of two fights: you against the animal attacking you, followed by you in court trying to justify your actions.

In many countries carrying a knife, even if you only use it in self-defense, is illegal. If you have, in fighting for your very survival, rammed a ballpoint pen into somebody’s eye or half ripped off his face with the pointy end of a hard plastic hairbrush, you smile at the nice policeman and say: “Weapon, officer? I didn’t use any weapon! I’m unarmed. Oh that, that’s just a pen!”

One U.S. student “S.” (who asked not to be named because of his U.S. government job) put it this way: “I appreciate that Piper allows you to put ANYTHING remotely pointy into your hand and be effective with it, as you would expect a prison related art to be. I have a couple of tactical pens that I only had a few techniques for. Now I feel like I could make good use of them.”

All of which pointed towards the same conclusion…filmed footage of the techniques might answer any technical questions you might have as well as providing an opportunity to teach you more advanced techniques and concepts…and would make your knowledge “watertight”, so that there will be no mistakes or gaps when you are forced to use it.

I did not want this to be an amateur effort, filmed with a hand-held home video camera in someone’s backyard. So I found a film studio with a professional “green screen” filming room, two cameras so as to capture the movements from two different angles and a professional editor.

I was also very lucky that one of my two teachers (the other being Nigel February, the martial arts genius who put together the system), who is also a personal friend of mine, Lloyd De Jongh, was on holiday in Cape Town from Dubai and was prepared to demonstrate some of the more advanced techniques, including the set of movements named after him, which also happened to be the most advanced technique I had shown in my book.

So the result of this is a two hour and forty minutes long film, and, if you practice everything shown in both the book and the film, you will have an assortment of techniques that surpasses anything you might need to defend yourself under any given circumstances!

And by showing it in such clear detail and from two distinct angles, half of your learning is done by simply “programming” the moves into your mind by watching the material a few times…then “messing around” with the moves until what’s in your mind merges with how you are moving…it’s as close to painless learning as you can get!


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So here’s what you get in the more than two and a half hours:

  • The principles of the movements explained. If you have grasped the principles, you do not need to learn hundreds of techniques. This cuts down on the amount of time you need to learn the system.
  • How the basic Piper’s stance with the feet held next to each other, meaning that your bodyweight is concentrated on one point, makes your footwork much faster, allowing you to instantly and effortlessly move in any direction.
  • Why pipers power production originating from the wrist means that you can generate power when the rest of your body is actually heading the other way. This is the same strategy known as the “Parthian Shot”, used in antiquity by archers on horseback, who would turn their bodies and shoot at pursuing enemies whilst pretending to flee at full gallop.
  • How in Piper attack and defense happening at the same time and how this cuts your reaction time in half.
  • The way in which the correct defensive posture makes you a smaller target as possible… Especially important if you are a taller or larger sized practitioner.
  • How the “elbow-in” position of the arms both protects you anatomically as well as connects and loads up your arms for powerful explosive movement.
  • How, by connecting the basic shimmering blade practice drill to an imagined four point frame in front of yourself, you create an impenetrable defensive shield.
  • Why the continuous motion of the tool or blade makes it nearly impossible for an opponent to control your knife hand or arm.
  • Pipers movements, once you take the element of rhythm out of them, break down to very simple natural movement patterns. This means that you probably have some sport or skill from which you already “know” the gross motor movement patterns that make up a Piper movements. A recent student for example, who has been a swimmer most of his life, commented on how to of the most basic techniques were identical to the backstroke and the Butterfly. What this means is that you then Learn them in minimal time. In his own words: “I found the flow and the body movements to go well with me, more than any other martial arts I’ve practiced. Before I got interested in combatives I was a serious swimmer, all through my teenage years (I’m 21 now). And for the last 10 years or so I’ve spent countless hours practicing each stroke and learning how to coordinate my arms, my waist, my knees, my back & my breathing patterns accordingly. For example, the shoulder roll is very reminiscent of the backstroke, and the movements regarding the double arm swing are very similar to the butterfly stroke…All in all, thank you very much for the DVD and I really think it compliments well with the Ebook and is an excellent illustration of the ‘flow’ and ‘rhythm’ associated with Piper.” (ADRIAN AU, U.K.)
  • The basic body dynamics involves the movement of the spine, shoulders, and waist. Going through these movements gives you a very easy to learn joint mobility workout.
  • How learning a conceptual movement pattern allows you to specifically modify the movement for your own body and how this allows you to make the movement your own.
  • By constantly being in movement you make it extremely difficult for an attacker to select a specific target and to accurately attack it.
  • And advanced technique not found in the book. The “Frame”. Taken from Zulu warfare, the shield in one arm and the stabbing spear in the other. Lloyd shows how this transfers to movement without a shield or spear, creating a braced position which will unbalance your opponent, even if he is much larger and heavier than yourself.
  • The frame uses the basic body movements you have learned previously and allows you to transition smoothly and effortlessly from defense to offense and vice versa.
  • How being able to fluidly move your pen, screwdriver or knife from one hand to the other whilst moving the rest of your body allows you the same element of surprise that a magician achieves by getting you to focus on one hand and then…suddenly…the magic effect is revealed by his other hand!
  • The “Patty-Cake” drill, which allows you to easily and playfully practice until you are truly ambidextrous with your weapon and able to get that “surprise ambush” factor going!
  • The advanced use of noise distractions…strictly not for beginning or intermediate students. Completely distracting and stealing the awareness of your opponent by slapping parts of your own body, snapping the fingers of your empty hand and even stomping your feet can completely disorient your enemy. Put this together with the hand-to-hand swapping and your opponent will have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.
  • And advanced tactic for the “shorter” Piper exponent: using the forearm against the inguinal fold followed by rapid-fire series of attacks to the groin or to the femoral artery-no matter what the height differential between yourself and your attacker, this will bring down even the tallest opponent, should you be using an actual knife, you may want to learn how to apply a tourniquet, as leading from the femoral artery can lead to death in as little as two or three minutes.
  • Dexterity in swapping from hand-to-hand also means that we come is irrelevant if your attacker grabs your knife arm since the knife moves across to the other hand in a split second.
  • How distracting arm movements can be coordinated with low kicks to the groin or knees, creating yet another possibility to use the element of surprise.
  • The fast and continuous footwork taught means that you’re not in any one place long enough to present a stationary and easily hit target.
  • How learning to movement positions in which your balance only exists for split-second allows you to become comfortable with attacking and defending yourself when you are in less-than-perfect positions.
  • Putting together the basic body movements, stabbing attacks, hand-to-hand swapping with the footwork in an open-ended number of combinations leads to your being able to generate your own combinations which you can form fit to your own preferences and body shape.
  • Lloyd next shows how the ”feet-together” position provides you not only with a starting point for high mobility, but also provides you with phenomenal stability as demonstrated here against powerful foot sweeps.
  • Close range in fighting tactics for shorter people to use against all opponents. What to do if your much taller opponent gets up close and towers over you. In fighting strategies, you can use this to equalize and neutralize his apparent advantages.
  • The use of modern training equipment like focus mitts allows you to safely hone your techniques with a training partner without any danger to yourself or to him.
  • How to use the more traditional training equipment such as tree branches to achieve and accuracy whilst not sacrificing your peripheral vision and awareness of the environment.
  • The De Jongh constant, demonstrated by the man who invented it… The Piper equivalent of perpetual motion with Lloyd showing you not only variations of the movement itself but also a multitude of attacks which you can generate from out of it.

These are only some of the things that you can learn from this film, there are many others!

Abdulaziz Ali, a 1st.Lieutenant in the Kuwaiti Marines Battalion had this to say about the DVD and book: “I read the eBook and watched the DVD. I learned much about Piper now thanks to these unique resources. The book’s pictures are clear and the context is very understandable. The DVD helped me clearly to see how exactly the body mechanics work.”

I will not be producing any further Piper films, since this well and truly is all you need for self-protection and, should you want to study a martial art for self-perfection, there are already hundreds of wonderful arts out there for that purpose!

I am so convinced that you will find this footage easy to learn and convincing that, should you be unhappy for any reason whatsoever, I will personally refund your money immediately, no questions asked. So there is absolutely zero financial risk involved in ordering!

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