Blink…and you die in the dark

“How A Skinny Little Runt Armed Only With A Ridiculous Feather Duster Used A Secret Gang-Banger Killing System To Beat The Living Daylights Out Of A Six-Foot-Six “Black Belt Champ” Head Bouncer.”

Change your life with this amazingly devastating “New” Knife Combat System used by vicious gang members in Cape Town, South Africa, murder capital of the world.

Revealed for the first time…this “easy-to-learn” system can be programmed into your muscle memory in a few short hours, ready for when you need it most and applied to devastating effect using a simple ballpoint pen.

You will be able to face any threat with a calm confidence and steel-eyed determination that you have never felt before!

Hi. My name is Erik Petermann, I’m a bouncer and martial arts instructor from Cape Town, South Africa.

Let me tell you a story that may turn out to be

The Most Important One You Ever Hear In Your Life!

…..how I was absolutely beaten up and humiliated by a scrawny nobody with a feather duster…and how and why you can master this mysterious knowledge in a short afternoon and walk without fear for the rest of your days!

At the beginning of 1987, at the ripe old age of twenty-three years I had worked my way up the food chain to being the head bouncer or cooler of what was then the most popular night-club in town, “Rita’s”, situated in Cape Town’s ultra-tough harbor area.

After five years of bouncing and thirteen years of intense martial arts practice I was at the top of my game. The year before I had won a silver medal at the prestigious annual “South African Universities Karate Championships”. I was big and tough and had come out on top in every street fight I had ever been in and considered myself to be unbeatable.

Every few months I would interview potential bouncers for the club. On this particular evening one scrawny specimen stood out from the assortment of tattooed biceps and shaven heads. When he stepped into the storeroom which I used to pressure test the applicants, I had to grin when I asked him what he thought might qualify him to survive on the doors of a club in which few nights passed without bloodshed .

“Well, I’ve just come out of Pollsmoor Prison after serving five years for stabbing someone,” he answered. “And how would this help you in dealing with situations such as the biker gang which tried to force its way into the club last week?”, I replied. He looked at me, smiled, and said “I’d stab them,

No-One Can Defend Themselves Against My Knife Attacks!!

Right..now he had my attention. In my Karate training we had practiced knife defenses, for thousands of hours on end, until they had become second nature. In my five years on the doors of clubs, quite a few people had tried to stab me. I had only been cut twice. Once, on my right forefinger, whilst disarming someone and once behind my ear when I redirected a slashing attack with a broken glass that was intended to rip open my throat.

So, the idea of unstoppable knife attacks had me smiling….I knew that there was no such thing.

I handed him a feather duster that was lying on one of the shelves and said what I always said when some “superhero” tells me of his amazing abilities: “Show me!

He held the duster in a reverse grip, the plastic-capped wooden end facing me and attacked. I moved in, exactly as I had been taught and deflected the “weapon”…except that it was no longer there…and I felt a painful dull impact against my inner thigh. I said “again”…I moved in to block…once again, nothing but air and a sharp thud and excruciating pain as the point slammed down into the top of my trapezius muscle, right next to my neck.

I was getting seriously pissed off. We went through this more than ten times, with the same pathetic result. A few times he even hit me so that my legs collapsed under me and I slammed into the floor. Swearing like a trooper I did my best to get hold of him….no such luck…. time and again he “killed” me with that ridiculous feather duster!

If You Have Ever Felt Utterly Helpless Whilst Someone Humiliated You And Played With You Like The Cat With The Proverbial Mouse, Then You Know Exactly How I Felt At That Moment!

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In the next year, before I took a break from the world of night clubs, with their casual violence and easy women, and concentrated instead on my post-graduate studies (I had partly financed my studies by bouncing), the tattooed muscle men came and went, but my harmless-looking “Pollsmoor Prison “ knife specialist stayed with me until the very end, my “secret weapon”, the ace up my sleeve, to be deployed whenever I felt that the situation was seriously “heading down the toilet” at speed.

Within that time I repeatedly asked him to teach me this system…no such luck. I asked nicely. I offered money. I had to learn this, whatever the price. Once or twice I got so pissed off, I threatened to fire him, if he didn’t teach me.

Having seen him in action against baseball bat wielding bikers, Taiwanese fishermen armed with long-bladed fish-gutting knives and once against a gun-toting Nigerian pimp (the police let that one go because we had several witnesses to the effect that he had been just about to pull the trigger!), I wanted this, needed this the way an alcoholic wants his next bottle of Tequila…but every time, the same answer…

This Hardcore Killer Attack System Was Not To Be Taught To Outsiders, On Pain Of Death!

It took me more than a decade to track down a man who learnt these techniques from gangster relatives of his and was prepared to pass them on to an outsider. I never gave up, though.

If you know that there is something special out there and that knowing it and owning it for yourself will make you powerful and protect you from the predators of this world, then you know that you will do whatever you can to get your hands on this!

Eventually I did, at a small and exclusive party I was introduced to Nigel February and there was something in the way he moved his body and the glint in his eye that told me that I had struck paydirt. Nigel’s granddad was a butcher and handling a knife was second nature to him…he taught his sons his skills and taught them well. Some members of his family were involved in the gangs, so a great deal of his knowledge came from there. A bad-ass gangster known only as “Creature” had an especially large influence on the body movement so characteristic of the system as organized and formalized by Nigel.

I was introduced to others, men with flat eyes with not a glimmer of warmth in them…and I learnt their special tactics and favorite strategies as well, until I finally had figured it out. Unlike military or police systems, in which empty hand skills and knife techniques are trained as a back-up to sheer firepower, these men lived or died by their skill with a knife.

I absorbed everything like a sponge…we spent many evenings, late into the night, going over the movements, together with Nigel’s first student, Lloyd de Jongh and eventually I was privileged in creating a teaching structure under Nigel’s guidance, the first official written syllabus of the system.

Once You See How It’s Done, Once You Have The “Keys”, The Underlying Principles, You’ll See How This New Self Defense System Is Incredibly Easy To Master In A Short Time!

You can figure out for yourself that gang members are lazy weasels who live insanely short and fast lives… because of that they want to spend their time enjoying women, alcohol and drugs, blowing the money they make from their crimes. Unlike professional warriors like the Samurai or Navy SEALS, these guys have zero interest in training for hours every day, years on end.

Scott Babb, the founder of the “Libre Fighting System” in the U.S.A. was so impressed that he not only wrote the following endorsement: “This book brings the worlds most secretive knife fighting art to light in stunning fashion. This is not simply an instructional book, it covers not only the mechanics of Piper System, but also the concepts, philosophy, history, application and psychology of Piper System and knife combat in South Africa. I cannot recommend this book more!”….but even put a clip on You Tube with his endorsement, which you can see below:

The techniques they use have to be learnable in an ultra-short time and yet good enough to give them total superiority when up against someone who doesn’t know this stuff…like when the runt faced me or when he obliterated the bikers, fishermen and annihilated the Nigerian.

One sixty four year old student of mine used his newly learnt skills after a mere three fifteen minute sessions, to defend himself against being assaulted in a shopping mall parking area, with amazing results:

I am a 64 year old Account Manager and think that the Piper Knife System is fantastic and easy to learn. After three 15 minute sessions I was proficient enough to scare the living daylights out of my attackers in a potentially dangerous situation.

Doug Cameron, Cape Town

This system is so simple you can actually learn these moves and then just “forget” them, since they are totally natural…the ten basic movement patterns you learn in this book are all you will ever need to totally dominate whatever situation you may find yourself in.

The Best Thing About This Is That, Whilst This Is A Weapons-Based System, You Never Need To Carry A Knife Around With You !!

Unless, of course, that’s your thing, in which case this will literally turn you into the “ultimate deadly weapon”.

Steve Perry, author of the “Matador” series of martial arts novels, a couple of Star Wars books and an avid long-term martial arts practitioner himself, wrote this, amongst other things, in his comprehensive review, at:  http://www.themanwhonevermissed.blogspot.com/

“Petermann, listed as a Master Guardian of the Piper System, along with ranks in other arts, has produced a concise, readable, no-nonsense primer on Piper basics.

The photographs are clear and illustrative, and the philosophy that permeates the book is by and large common sense.

Piper has, because of its youth and criminal roots, sparked a great deal of controversy in the martial arts world. Traditional martial arts featuring the blade sometimes look askance upon Piper and say so.

What I see in it has evolved since I first saw a grainy video of it back in 2001 — and that was scary enough. There’s no question that it works, because it came from people who routinely killed folks using it. In South Africa, the Piper folks have a standing invitation to traditionalists who want to test their skills, and apparently, there isn’t a waiting line.

The book delivers what it claims — a brief introduction to the core basics of a nasty, unique, and workable knife system. It is well-written, and for those who have never seen Piper, will be an eye-opener. Go to YouTube and watch a couple of the videos and see what you think.

I think Piper: Cape Knife Fighting Techniques, is worth having in your library if you are a knife player, or just curious about a system with a different spin.”
At the same time, the so-called “improvised weapon” you carry with you will not be, as is often the case with improvised weapons, a second rate replacement of the “real deal”.

There’s a specific reason for this. This system is based completely on stabs and rips…no cutting or slashing is involved…so literally any object with a sharp point, from a pen to a screwdriver to grandma’s knitting needle turns instantly into a vicious deadly weapon.

This Is An Utterly New Way Of Using A Knife Or An Improvised Weapon, Nothing Like Any Existing System You’ve Seen Before. Your Attacker’s Size, Strength Or Previous Training Becomes Irrelevant…

Once you have ripped a chunk out of his neck or his face, using the basic wrist action of Piper’s “Shimmering Blade” and “Twirling Blade”, even the most hardened criminal will roll around on the floor, bleeding and writhing in pain, helpless like a baby, in total fear and cringing anticipation of what you decide to do next!

The whip-like dynamics of the movements, creating power from the wrist, elbow and shoulder mean that you don’t need big muscles or much body-weight or complicated whole-body coordination to carry them out and you’ll be blown away by the devastating effects they will have on anyone foolish enough to pick on you.

This stuff is so downright nasty and unbeatable that, at a seminar I taught for my buddy Alfred Plath, a superb practitioner and teacher of the Filipino systems, in Germany a few years ago, a couple of participants came up to me after the seminar, identified themselves as members of the elite BKA (Bundeskriminalamt / Federal Criminal Police, Germany’s FBI) and told me:

“Thanks for teaching us but we’re sorry to have to tell you that we never want you teaching these techniques on a broader, public level in our country, ever again!”

Or, as an old acquaintance of mine, Detective-Sergeant Neville Bishop, of Cape Town’s Detective Branch, put it after quite a few ice-cold beers many years ago:

“The only way you can stop these f@#$%s  and their bloody knives is to shoot them!”

Unlike most e-books, with their large print and acres of white space, this one is over 30000 words long and extensively illustrated with more than 170 photos, every technique demonstrated by means of several photos, mostly with both front and side views.

One reader wrote: “I write you as a very satisfied customer–the Piper E-book is everything I had hoped for, and much, much more. Thank you so much for sharing your, Nigel’s, and Lloyd’s knowledge.
Sincerely, Robin Searles

The DVD is two and a half hours long, filmed in a professional studio using two cameras so that you can see the techniques from two different angles and has been professionally edited.

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Here Is Just A Taste Of What You Are About To Learn:

How the way in which you hold your weapon automatically “kicks in” the primal “animal brain” and gives you the deadly intent of a hardened fighter, irrespective of your “real personality”. You could be as timid as a mouse in your everyday life, when you move your weapon in the “Piper Way”, you turn into a ferocious, deadly survivor, until you have pulverized the threat and successfully achieved your goal.

  • Why you should never threaten with violence. A threat is a gift to the enemy. Instead, Piper teaches you to use the element of surprise, allowing you to completely “flip over” the predator/ prey relationship. You change from being as gentle as a lamb into a ravenous Sabretooth tiger in a split second, completely shocking your intimidated attacker.
  • How many of the “wrist movement and control” techniques are so simple to practice, you can learn and perfect them whilst watching TV or surfing the Net. As a matter of fact, it is better if you learn them “on automatic”, that way you can access them instantly, without thinking, when you need them for saving yourself or your loved ones.
  • If you ever wondered how you would survive the legal hassles after injuring an attacker, then Piper and its use of “harmless” everyday implements such as pens or screwdrivers gives you the perfect “out” where “intent” is concerned. Carrying a knife may imply the intent to use it as a weapon. Carrying a pen proves the intent to write something. Case dismissed!
  • The best places for carrying and accessing your weapon. Carry it in the wrong place, such as the silly “boot carry” and you will have no legal hassles for the very simple reason that you are dead!
  • How to expand your awareness, so that you see everything happening around you, always – it’s as if you had eyes in the back of your head (these techniques develop your inner radar system to the point where you can sense danger before it gets to you and thus makes you virtually unbeatable).
  • Why you should focus on the hands of people walking towards you, rather than the commonly recommended eyes. The eyes may lie, but hands hidden behind the back, or tucked into a bulging pocket or clenched in a fist are a sure sign of danger. This shifts the “element of surprise” over onto your side….
  • How to take your abilities INSTANTLY to a higher level by learning and understanding that what makes you dangerous is not your weapon but rather the fact that Piper turns YOU into a deadly weapon.
  • How the fear you…or anyone else other than a complete psychotic…feels in a combat situation is “hard-coded” into the DNA of Piper techniques. The Cape Flats criminal is looking for easy pickings. At the slightest sign of competent resistance, he turns and flees. This means that most Piper techniques are done with a part of the body being coiled ready to escape….Piper never asks that you stand toe-to-toe with someone, slugging it out and thereby risking being hit by an “accidental surprise shot” thrown by the other guy.
  • How Piper’s “knife swapping and passing” skills leave your opponent utterly confused as to where the next attack is coming from…allowing you to completely dominate both him and the situation physically as well as psychologically. Like a great magician you get him to a point where he has no idea where your next move is coming from. Now he sees it…then he doesn’t.
  • Piper’s ripping techniques can injure or kill…depending on how much danger you or your loved ones are in, you set the thermostat to exactly the amount of injury and damage you want to dish out.
  • The two pieces of training equipment used by the Cape Flats gangsters that do not cost a cent…and are more suitable for and resistant against being damaged in practice than the more conventional focus mitts and heavy bag.
  • Which other empty-handed techniques you can throw into the mix that will leave your attacker even more helpless and confused. As he desperately tries to ward off your “swarm-of-angry-killer-bees” attacks to his upper body you pepper his shins with low kicks (a tactic heavily recommended by the above-mentioned veteran police officer, Neville Bishop). Or, as your pen or knife shoots up, it is preceded by a devastating elbow strike from an angle no-one would EVER expect.
  • How a few simple, multi-directional body movements will give you the speed, elasticity and deadly grace of the feared “Cape Cobra” and add to both the whip-like power and vicious unpredictability of your attacks. (Plus these movements will keep your body supple and injury free for all your other physical activities!)
  • Target areas that will allow you to close down your attacker faster than if he had hit a stone wall head-on at two hundred miles per hour. Including a technique you can use with a pen that will terminate “with extreme prejudice” your attacker’s ability to ever rape or murder anyone, ever again. Game over, he loses, no replay!
  • What fitness training you could optionally use if you want to totally supercharge your Piper abilities…although fitness is not even a prerequisite for success with these techniques.
  • The three possible outcomes of any armed conflict. There are only ever three…and what this means to you.
  • How a small number of basic techniques can be adapted to solve most of your combat problems. The essence of being able to defend yourself successfully lies not in knowing every technique, but in being able to handle every technique that is thrown at you. Piper, with its battle-proven “slim-line” repertoire of techniques, allows you to do exactly this, with shocking results for anyone who tries to mess with you.
  • How Piper’s “zig-zag” footwork combines with the unpredictable hand and arm techniques and the multi-dimensional body movements to create the “strategy of total confusion” that utterly disheartens and completely terrorizes your attacker.
  • The “De Jongh Constant”, a continuous motion drill that rips into every conceivable direction and totally tears through whatever defenses your befuddled attacker might put up against your mind-blowing onslaught and makes it impossible for him to keep up with you.

Plus much more….including information so “sensitive” I wouldn’t dare to list it here for you!

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You Also Get Six Free Special Reports, Sent Separately To Your E- Mail Address, Yours To Keep Whether You Decide To Hold Onto The Book Or Not!

These are:

  • An in-depth interview with Nigel February, the martial arts genius who assimilated all these techniques and tactics under the name of “Piper”. Which techniques should you rely on under life-and-death circumstances?
  • A detailed interview with Lloyd de Jongh, his first and most well known student. You will gain vital information on what to concentrate on as a beginner.
  • An in-depth interview with Jason Williams, who has overcome a severe physical handicap to still be a “Piper Ace”. Learn how it is possible to change your personal fighting style after a horrific accident.
  • A report on my personal experiences with the awesome art of Zulu stick fighting. Zulu stick fighters make the Dog Brothers look like the Vienna Boy’s Choir by comparison!
  • A report on how to defend yourself against Piper, in the unlikely event that you will ever find yourself up against your own “secret weapon”.
  • A report on improvised weapons and how you never need to be “unarmed” again, even though you may not be “armed” in the conventional sense.

You’ve seen it in the news and perhaps experienced first-hand how the world is becoming a more dangerous place every year. 9/11 was a horrific and clear example of this. There is ample evidence in the form of film footage that the baddies are now systematically studying knife and combatives techniques, this is clear from film footage smuggled out of U.S. prison yards and training camps in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. To protect yourself and your loved ones from such vicious animals you absolutely HAVE TO fight fire with fire by learning these “Killer Techniques”!

Here’s what to do now: Click the “Buy Now” button and complete the PayPal transaction. The price is only 29.95 dollars (although this will go up at the end of the year)! Use your credit card. It’s totally safe. Follow the steps and in no time at all you will have learnt the first two or three techniques and

You Will Be Dangerous Beyond Belief!

What’s even better is that there is no risk to you! There is a solid-gold, 100% money-back guarantee. Play with these techniques, ten or twenty minutes at a time or simply whilst watching TV. If you are not absolutely satisfied that this is the simplest yet deadliest knife and improvised weapons self defense system you have ever seen, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked, any time within the first month.

There is one catch: you need to order this now, because:

I Have No Idea How Long I Can Safely Offer This!

You will see that I’m not advertising this locally at all…no South African domain website, no local talk shows, no TV appearances…for a good reason. There are those in the Cape Flats gangs who consider this to be their knowledge, not to be shared with you.. and these are not the type of guys who go the legal route.

I live about two miles out from the border territories of the Cape Flats…and I have no desire to go through life looking over my shoulder all the time…so the moment my contacts hear that certain gang leaders are asking questions, this page comes down, immediately, never to be seen again.

Update for 2016 onwards: I sold it for a year or two several years ago and it has not been available since then. I had a change of heart and decided to give folks access to this knowledge again, since the world is clearly going to hell in a hand basket really fast, but I’m a grumpy old man…I may take the site down again at any point in time.

Now…you’ve probably been thinking that this is all well and good, but what happens when I meet someone else who knows this stuff, what with the speed at which information leaks over the Internet! Not good!

There Are Two Ways Of Making Sure That This Never Happens…

The obvious one (you stay out of the Cape Flats) is up to you. The other one is that I would strongly encourage you not to share this material with anyone. A secret weapon only really works well if it is a secret!

As you know, when an e book is launched, within weeks it’s easily downloadable from your friendly neighborhood torrent site. Next thing you know crazy teenagers hearing voices in their heads or fanatics in third world countries are teaching themselves these techniques from their illegally downloaded copies.

Perry William Kelly, a well known martial arts instructor and author of several books, including the highly acclaimed “Dan Inosanto: The Man, the Teacher, the Artist”, has this to say about the book: “While learning from a book might not be, in the opinion of some, the best way to learn a martial art, I think that it offers a perfect way to get your feet wet with Piper… The E-book allows you to taste the Piper Knife System, and is a great way to enhance your knife “game” if your training has previously been in a system that teaches reliance on the edge of the knife to do damage.  Think of it as another arrow in your quiver.
The book has thirty one chapters that take a new student through the history, body movements, stances and strikes of the art. The pictures and text fully explain what the available videos (on Youtube) are showing but thankfully slow enough for the reader to get the basics down.

As a Kali instructor, a Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor-Trainer and former Correctional Use of Force Coordinator I would suggest that you get your hands on a copy of this book if you want to keep on the cutting edge of the bladed arts.”

Don’t Wait!!

The price for this amazing e book is just $29.95! Read more about the DVD illustrating the techniques, two hours and forty minutes in length, which costs a mere $64.95, at http://www.piperknifefighting.com/dvd/.

You don’t risk a penny by buying this book. Once you have it, you have a full month to decide. Once you have grasped these easy-to-learn techniques, you and your loved ones will never be vulnerable again and you will move through this world with confidence, for all of your days!


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